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Dolomites bicycle marathon in Alta Badia - Cycling event

The Marathonadles Dolomites is a major sporting event, which attracts each year more participants to Val Badia
The history of the Marathon of Dolomites is very special and unusual. Created to celebrate the tenth anniversary of sports club "Rodes Val Badia", the first edition was held in July 12, 1987 with 166 bicycle reckless who have battled for an only distance of 175 km. With the passing of years, the Marathon of Dolomites has attracted a growing number of fans to become one of the most important events of bicycle lovers circuit.
The organizers certainly never imagined that they gave life to an event that in such a short time would become one of the most important and followed meeting in Alta Badia, which attracts each year thousands of fans from around the world. The beautiful settings of the Dolomites, the striking routes that followed legendary runs where great champions have written a rich and glorious page in the history of cycling is certainly based on the great success of the Marathon of Dolomites.

Year after year, the Marathon of Dolomites has grown to unimaginable numbers in 1987. Numbers that at the end speak for themselves:
- 9,000 cyclists participating (number limit)
- 1,100 volunteers
- 20,000 annual requests
- 3 routes: 138 km / 4190 m slh 106 km / 3090 m slh 55 km / 1780 m slh


Ski World Cup at the Gran Risa in Alta Badia- Winter sport major event.
The giant slalom in Alta Badia is annual meeting point of the ski world elite and attracts thousands of skiers to our Ladin valley
Alta Badia has become very popular for its hospitality, its place of rare beauty in the heart of the Dolomites, but at international level it was the World Cup of Skiing, which led far beyond our national borders the name ofour area.

In the various editions of "Gigante Alta Badia", on the Gran Risa cut the finish line victoriously the most famous champions who have written the history of modern skiing. From Ingemar Stenmark to our Robert Erlacher that on the hometown's snow have conquered the third position in the first edition. By Michael Von Grünigen to Christian Mayer and to conclude with the great Alberto Tomba, with its exciting four victories in '87, '90, '91, '94; 2 second places in '86 and '93 and 2 third places in '92, '95 and his no less passionate sympathy, took the "Gigante Gran Risa" to its highest reputation, attracting Alta Badia to 25 thousand fans from all over Europe and the world.

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